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My Favorite Kingdom Hearts Character

Sora, the most favorited character by everyone else is the hero of all worlds & the chosen master of the Keyblade. A 14-year old boy that lives on an island with his freinds Riku & Kairi. They were talking about that they were going out to see other places by sailing. So, they built their boat, all ready to go for the next day. Sora was laying in his bed on another island, thinking about how the trip was gonna be. Then, he see's a storm at the island, so he got worried that the boat would be ruined, so he set sail to the island. He went to the dock & saw Riku & kairi's boat there. After he saw them, he also saw dark figures called shadow. So he went searching for Riku, while escaping these strange creatures. He finally finds Riku where they usually have compentitions. Riku was talikng about that "it" has opened & now they can go through other worlds. Sora didn't understand what he was talking about, so he wanted to know where Kairi was at. Riku then responded that she going with them & then Riku put out his hand, so Sora can take it & go with him. While thinking about it. tendrills of dark started to suck them up. While being sucked up, Sora tried to reach out for Riku's hand. When all sucked up, a mysterious weopon came out of nowhere & saved Sora. That weopon was strong enough to kill the strange creatures. So, Sora killed them & saw a door that led to the cave where he & Kairi would go to draw on the walls. He went & saw Kairi there. She turned around & said, "Sora." Then, the wooden door opened (there was a wooden door in there that never opened) up from behind, releasing darkness & making Kairi fly to Sora. He put out his arms to catch her, but she disappeared before Sora caught her. Sora then flew out of the cave, because of the darkness that flew out. Once he was out of the cave, he saw a huge dark monster, called Darkside. He defeated it, sending it to the dark ball. Sora was also getting sucked up into the ball & got sent to another world. He then woke up of a lick in the face by the one & only Pluto. Pluto then took off & left Sora alone. He then went browsing through the world & met another strange creature called a soldier. He then went through & went into a store & saw Cid from FFVII. Sora told Cid the whole story & he didn't understand. Sora then went back out to look for Riku & Kairi again, then someone told him,"They'll keep coming after you, as long as you wield the Keyblade. But why? Why would it choose a kid like you?" Sora then got mad & responded,"What is that suppose to mean?" Then the person responded back,"Nevermind, now let me see the keyblade." Sora then said,"Huh? There's no way I'm letting you have this." So the guy Sora was talking to was Squall or Leon in the game from FFVIII & he said,"Fine, have it your way." They battled with each other & Sora won or lost (depending if you beat Leon),let's just say he won. Sora & Leon were panting & Sora said,"So...your...gonna..." & he fainted. Someone else then came & said,"Aw, come on Squall, you're slipping," It was Yuffie from FFVII. Leon said,"I was going easy on him. This is much worse than we thought." Sora started having a dreams that Kairi was waking him up, but it was Yuffie. They then told Sora about the story on what happened & told him that creatures that were attacking him were heartless. They also told him that he needed a key to lock Kingdom Hearts, a door containing darkness. Sora then knew that the Keyblade was the key.

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