There's a light in the heart that never goes out, unless you're a Locust.

November 8th-Gears of War Page

I know my website is supposed to be about Kingdom Hearts, but I really want to do something about Gears of War, because it's the best shooting game I have ever played before in my whole life. Now, there's going to be Kingdom Hearts & Gears of War in this website. Gears of War, welcome to the family.

November 8th-Emergence Day Yesterday

If you didn't know, yesterday was the "Emergence Day" for Gears of War 2. The graphics is like a whole new game to Gears. All new executions, weapons, Vehicles, & characters. Now with a new Locust hord coming, Marcus Fenix & Dominic Santiago(Dom) have to defeat the Locust, but they need some help. They need to get some help from 2 other friends from the 1st Gears of War, Baird & Cole Train(Cole or Gus). With these four back together again, they venture to Locust territory to kill them all through these elevator looking things. Now, mankind is in the corner & there's nowhere to run & nowhere to hide, except for Marcus & the crew who are going to defend them with all they got.

November 20th-Gears of War 2 Named the Best X-Box 360 Game Ever

I read that Gears of War 2 is named the best X-Box 360 game ever! I also read that it sold over 2 million copies & 1.5 million bought the premium edition. This proves that Gears of War is better than Halo.

December 25th-Gears 2 & 360 for X-MAS

What I got for Christmas is a 360 & Gears of War 2 & let me tell you, the graphics are kick ass. Way better than the first Gears, but it's still cool. Speaking of Gears, my little brother got Gears 1 & of course as you read, Gears 2 for me. Also as you read the title, it said "Gears 2 & 360 for X-MAS", which means I got a 360, isn't that sweet? Anyways, have a happy holiday & A Happy New Year.

December 31st-Gears 2 Beatin'

Yes, you read right, I beat Gears 2, but with my 3rd older brother, Gabriel. It took three plays in co-op Campain to beat the game. We beat the game yesterday, but I didn't have the time to put in the update. Have a Happy New Years people!

February2nd-13 Days of Gears

If you haven't heard, Warner Bros. are making a Gears 2 Tournament and the prizes are badass. Go to this link to find out more about the tournament:

March 4th-New Gears of War Pics

I finally got new Gears of War Pics for the Gears gallery. Check it out.

November 7th- Special News

If you came becuase you read it on the home page or just came here, then there's some special news. For Gold members on the 360, there's going to be a tournament for Gears 2 with some badass prizes. Click here for detials:

february 27th 2011-countdown till gears of war 3 even longer

Gears of War 3, said to come out in April is no longer coming out in April. It's now coming out in September 20th. Goddamnit uh.

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