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As you can see, I made an all new page for Gears of War lovers. I couldn't stand not having anything new in my website, so I decided to add Gears of War. In this page, you can talk about Gears of War & what you think about it. You can also talk about the fast selling & high-numbered copy selling game, Gears of War 2. Talk about how badass it is or not. I really like GoW(Gears of War), so if you wanna talk crap about it, then you are in the wrong place for that. Just, don't let this "oh, I'm better that you" or "I can kick your ass a this game" & so forth. Enjoy talking about this game & remember, don't let it go out of hand.

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I love this game, but I don't have xbox360 T_T

friends keep telling me to get 1 on pc tho


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you should get it on pc, because the graphics are better & the controls are easier to use. But, a downside to it, the game glitches a lot, so , be aware

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