There's a light in the heart that never goes out, unless you're a Locust.


Welcome to my website, the names UltimaSora454 & this is website has  Kingdom Hearts that gets involved, because it's my favorite game. I'm also interested into Mortal Kombat, but I wanted to do KH. I also like Naruto, but Kingdom Hearts popped up first. If you don't know what Kingdom Hearts is, then it's a Square Enix game, mixed up with Disney. What you do is pretty cool, you go around in mostly Disney worlds & save a part of it. In Kingdom Hearts, you start off in a Kingdom Hearts world called Destiney Islands & go to another called Traverse Town. After that, it's all Disney , until you get to Hollow Bastion. In Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, you mostly do the same thing, but you fight using cards & you enter worlds by memory in a castle called Castle Oblivion. In Kingdom Hearts 2, Sora finally wakes up from his 1-year slumber to get his lost memories back. Sora then ventures through all new worlds & some old ones, like Hallow Bastion, Olympus, Atlantica, Halloween Town, & Agrabah & fighting Organization XIII. The next Kingdom Hearts are unknown to me.

For Gears of War, it's a whole new story. If you don't know what Gears of War is, then you've been living under a rock. Gears is a war game against an underground race called the Locust. These Locust came up from underground and started attacking innocent people, killing families and other C.O.G. soldiers. This day became known as E-Day or Emergence Day. Now, humanity is facing extinction and the Locust are still killing everything in their way. Now, the C.O.G. must get help from every C.O.G. soldier that they can get. These C.O.G. are scattered throught prisons and other places. The first Gears starts out with a scene in a prison and you start hearing gunfire. A door opens up and a member of Delta Squad (Dom) throws in a bag with supplies and tells the imprisoned C.O.G. soldier (Marcus) to get dressed and other stuff. That's when the badassness begins.

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August 3rd my fist comic update

Here's my fist comic uptade. Here it is, it's called, Sub-Zero & Scorpion Show The Mortal Kombat World I:

August 13th Back to California

Today is when I go back to California. When I get there, I'll be able to add more comic updates & some more stuff. My guess is that you're gonna have to wait until the 27th or next week.

August 18th Not an update yet

School's almost here & I can't my other Mortal Kombat Comics, because I forgot my password to my school laptop.

August 28th My password reseted & my second comic entry

As you read, I got my password reseted today & I got another comic called "Sub-Zero & Scorpion Show The Mortal Kombat World Part 2"

Here's the link & enjoy it:

<img src="" alt="Image Hosted by"/><br/>By <a target="_new" href="> at 2008-08-28

September 7th New Comic

Here's another chapter to my "Sub-Zero & Scorpion Show the Mortal Kombat World" Saga. This one is called ,"Sub-Zero & Scorpion Show the Mortal Kombat World III." The final comic of this saga. Enjoy:

September 19 A New Sora Sprite Sheet

I just found out that SSF2(Super Smash Flash 2) has a new Sora Sprite Sheet, check it out in the sprites section of this site.

October 29th-My First KH Video Made

I know that I haven't made an update in a long time, but here's a KH Video I made:

<object width="425" height="350"> <param name="movie" value=""> </param> <embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350"> </embed> </object>

November 8th-New Page

If you haven't noticed, I made up a new page, but it's not a Kingdom Hearts page, it's a the best shooting game that I've ever played, Gears of War. That's right, a Gears of War page for this website. Go to the page & it'll explain why I made a Gears of War page.

November 8th-Gears of War Videos Page

 I just recently added a new page for Gears of War, check it out.

November 20th-Gears of War 2 Named the Best X-Box 360 Game Ever

That's right, you heard it. Go to the Gears of War page to read the rest.

November 26th-Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving before the real thing, so...Happy Thanksgiving!

December 25th-Merry Christmas!

I wanted to wish you guys a Merry Chirstmas & A Happy New Year. I almost forgot to put in an update for today, luckily I remembered.

December 31st-Happy New Years Eve!

Time is ticking and it's almost time for the countdown, from 10 to 0. That big round thing that goes from the top to the bottom is waiting to be put down for a new year. Anyways, Happy New Years Eve eveyone! Until tommorrow, which is in 1 hour & 55 minutes in California.

January 27th New Game Added

Was I missed? I thought so. Anyways, there's a new game in my games section, but I'm only gonna give a hint on what game it is. This game is a classic & you eat things. When the ghosts turn blue, it's time to go on a rampage. What game am I?

February 2nd-New Gears Picture

Hello my fellow Gears and guests, there's gonna be a new picture in the Gears Pictures section, see it for yourself.

March 4th-New Gears Pictures

Ya heard right, new Gears Pics, check it out.

July 24th-Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories Bought

I know it's been a year and 4 months since I made a new post, but I got some news. Well, the topic really says it, but I bought the game in June, 3 days after I graduated from middle school. I got this to see how much harder it is on the PS2 and I found my answeer to that. I just need to beat Marluxia and I can enter Reverse/Rebirth mode, but he's freagin' hard. I almost beat him on my fist try, but he killed me in a stupid way, that's how it went when I fought Larxene and Axel. Anyways, it's harder on the PS2 than the GBA.

July 24th-New Game (YAY)!

Feeling like hanging around or someone, well look inside the games section to find the out the riddle.

September 27th- Surprise Freaks!

Hey, how is it going? It's been a while since my last update, but I wanted to post that I've got into Final Fantasy VII for the past 3  to 5 weeks. Well, that's all I have to post for now. So....GET OUT! NOW! YOU'RE RUINING MY MOMENT!

September 27th- New Photos

Hey, if you came back, then you came back at the right time. I've just entered a new picture album to my picture collection. Check it out.

October 11th- More New Photos

It's been 2 weeks since my last update. So? Anyways, I've added more photos (like it says above) into my Final Fantasy Album. These new photos are pretty sweet, you should check them out.

October 28th- Even More New Photos

Hey, been 2 weeks since my last update. I've been "busy" with some other things, or not. Anyways, I've added more Final Fantasy VII photos and a new photo album. Check out the new photos in the Photo section, of course and check out the new album. Remember this for a very, very, very, very,very, very, very, very, very, very, long time.............................................................................................................................................................. nothing.

October 31st- Happy Halloween!

It's that time of year again, when the dead or should I say spirits, rise up to Earth and roam around for the whole night. If you see any famous dead people, say hello to them. If you just see them and scream your heads off, then forget about it. Remember, Happy Halloween!

November 7th- Special News

You've read right, there's some special news for you. If you have an X-BOX 360 and you have X-BOX Live, then go to the Gears of War page for the news.

Novmber 7th- New Comic

Here's the new comic update:
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November 9th- More New pictures

That's right, more new pictures. There' more of the stuff that had little stuff. Didn't make sense? Check it out for yourselves.

november 13th- new comic

Here's the new comic:

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november 14th- bank robbery part ii

Here it is, part 2, now read:

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November 24th- new page

"Another new page? When is this gonna end?" Asks little Robbert. Well Robert, it's my website and I can put whatever new page i want to. I've added an arcade page, so the site viewers can enjoy some better games that are in the games section. So that's why I've added a new page. Oh and Robert, you can just drop dead for your tone and stupid question. Oh, you guys are here? I wasn't expecting you until later. How much of this did you read?

December 18th- MOre New Pictures

"New Pictures? When is this gonna end? This website is suppose to be a gamer website. There's not that many ga-" [slice] There you go, no more little Robert. Anyways, these pictures are made by me and me alone in Computer Graphics at school. Come check them out. [pulls out an Ak-47 and shoots Little Robert's dead body, laughing homicidally]. Do you want to bw next? Then keep the mouth zipped shut.

december 23rd- news at gears of

There's some freaking sweet news brewing up at Gears of, go check it out. Fine, here's the link:

Lazy asses. Kidding. Or not.

december 25th- merry christmas

It's that time of day again that comes every year (obvioulsy) which is Christmas. Merry Christmas to one and all and have a happy new year.

December 29th- another announcment at gears of

That's right, more news at Gears of Here's the link:

February 8th- Kingdom hearts 358/2 days

I've played this before on my little brother's DS, but I think that KH 358/2 Days should've been made for the PS3 or PS2. I say that because KH has BEEN on the PS2, but the PS3 should be an upgrade for KH. You can't even put in the many skills that you could've in the KHI and KHII. Instead, you have slots and there's a certain amount of space that can be used. I still think it's a good game, but should've been made for the PS2 or PS3, my opinion.

February 8th- News at

"More news at Where have you been anyways?" Is what you might ask. Yes more news at and I've been grounded the whole time and there was nothing new to update. Here's the link:

July 29th- guess who's back

Been a while, ya? Instead of me going to, how about you go there and check what's new. Does that sound cool?

February 27 2011-Countdown till gears of war 3 even longer

I was so stoked that Gears of War 3 was coming out in just 3-2 months. Now, it's coming out in September on the 20th. Goddamnit uh.

February 27 2011-Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

I've had the game since Christmas and it's awesome. Ventus looks just like Roxas, Terra has Xemnas' hair, and Aqua is just hot. I beat the third story yesterday and I say the stories connect together pretty nicely. I'm a little mixed up about Master Xehanort, the old guy, having the same name as Xehanort from Kingdom Hearts II. In this time, you see every member from Organization XIII, except for Larxene and Roxas, since Ventus isn't really Roxas and Roxas is a Nobody created from Sora when he was a Heartless. When you see the members, they are human and not Nobodies. Vanitas is the one in the mask next to Master Xehanort and he's one of the most badass characters ever. I give Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep a 5 out of 5.

April 20th 2011- Sup and new game i found

Sup everyone? Did u guys miss me? Thought so. I just found an epic game on the web and thought that I should share this game with my awesome or not fans. Here's the link and by god, I hope the link works:

<a href="" target="_blank">Play Rebuild At</a>

April 20th 2011- further info on Kingdom Hearts Birth by sleep

You guys remembered when I posted stuff about KHBbS right? Of course you do, it's two boxes up. Anyways, if u wanna know more info about Master Xehanort and Terra and what-not, then keep reading. If you don't want spoilers, then STOP right here. After you beat all three stories, then you can start a new game and finish off the story as Aqua. Terra, Ventus, and Aqua's homeland, The Land of Departure, get's transformed as Castle Oblivion after Aqua uses their master's, Master Eraqus', Keyblade to seal away The Land of Departure. Aqua leaves Ventus behind and ventures down the road in front of Castle Oblivion. She keeps moving on until she meets with Terra, who's under Master Xehanort's control, and fights him. After the fight, the under-control Terra gets sucked up by darkness and Aqua goes after him. After catching up to the body, she sees that she and under-control Terra won't make it out in time, so Aqua gives Terra her armor and sends him flying outside of the darkness, leaving herself behind within the darkness. Aqua is now in the Realm of Darkness and keeps walking until she reaches the beach where Sora and Riku wind up in Kingdom Hearts II before they go back to Destiny Islands. Aqua meets with that unknown guy who's in the Organization XIII robes and starts having a long dialouge sequence with him. Turns out, while Aqua was stranded in the Realm of Darkness, the events of Kingdom Hearts I, Chain of Memories, and II already happened. While Aqua was in the Realm of Darkness, Terra was found at Radiant Garden and was taken in the by Ansem the Wise and his students. They ask him his name and guess what, Xehanort was born. So that's about it. There's more story to this (gives me a f***ing break Square Enix) but there are certain conditions that have to be done in order to aquire the rest of the story. If you didn't want to know what happened, then you just screwed yourself.

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